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Slide Set

The slide set can be used in a classroom setting to prepare students to take a food safety certification exam. The slides are divided into 14 sections. The slide content is based on the 2005 FDA Food Code.


All slides are available in both Section 1 English Slides and Simplified Chinese.

The following slides are in PowerPoint format (PPT). You need PowerPoint to be able to view them.

The following Section 1 Trainer Notes are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.

Section Section 1 Trainer Notes (PDF) Section 1 English Slides Section 1 Chinese Slides
1. Introduction to Food Safety Section 1 Trainer Notes Section 1 English Slides Section 1 Chinese Slides
2. Microbial Hazards Section 2 Trainer Notes Section 2 English Slides Section 2 Chinese Slides
3. Other Hazards Section 3 Trainer Notes Section 3 English Slides Section 3 Chinese Slides
4. Safe Food Handler Section 4 Trainer Notes Section 4 English Slides Section 4 Chinese Slides
5. Thermometers Section 5 Trainer Notes Section 5 English Slides Section 5 Chinese Slides
6. Purchasing and Receiving Section 6 Trainer Notes Section 6 English Slides Section 6 Chinese Slides
7. Storage Section 7 Trainer Notes Section 7 English Slides Section 7 Chinese Slides
8. Preparation Section 8 Trainer Notes Section 8 English Slides Section 8 Chinese Slides
9. Service Section 9 Trainer Notes Section 9 English Slides Section 9 Chinese Slides
10. Equipment and Facilities Section 10 Trainer Notes Section 10 English Slides Section 10 Chinese Slides
11. Cleaning and Sanitizing Section 11 Trainer Notes Section 11 English Slides Section 11 Chinese Slides
12.Integrated Pest Management Section 12 Trainer Notes Section 12 English Slides Section 12 Chinese Slides
13. Food Safety Plan Section 13 Trainer Notes Section 13 English Slides Section 13 Chinese Slides
14. Regulations Section 14 Trainer Notes Section 14 English Slides Section 14 Chinese Slides

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